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Withdrawing money from your Business Savings account

You can request to withdraw money from your business savings account using our online or printable form.

Using our online DocuSign form

You can only submit a withdrawal request via DocuSign if you're using a corporate email address i.e. We'll be unable to process any applications that use a non corporate email address like Gmail or Hotmail.

To withdraw money from your Business Savings account you'll need to enter the name and email address of all the authorised signatories on the account. The form will need to be signed in accordance with your mandate in order to be actioned. If the form is not signed in accordance with your mandate it will cause delays in processing your request.

One authorised signatory

The authorised signatory must only enter their name and email address in the 1st Authorised Signatory box to begin the withdrawing process.

More than one authorised signatory

If there's more than one authorised signatory, you must fill in the names and email addresses for all of the authorised signatories required to authorise your withdrawal request. Once you have signed the document, the remaining authorised signatories will then receive an email inviting them to also sign this document.  


For withdrawing the money from your Business Savings account, we’ll use electronic signature technology provided by our trusted supplier 'DocuSign' to collect your information. Information will only be used by Nationwide Building Society and our trusted supplier to process your request and manage your Business Savings accounts. Your device and location ID may also be used to help us prevent financial crime.

Begin the online process

Or use our printable form

Download and print the form below to make withdrawals by post, fax or email.