Business Instant Access Saver

Please note: Nationwide Business Savings accounts aren't current accounts and can't be used for everyday transactions.

If you think you’ll need instant access to your savings, our Instant Access Saver could be right for you.

Why choose this account?

  • Earn 0.05% AER/gross p.a. (variable)
    You can have your interest paid monthly or annually.
  • Pay in and withdraw whenever you like
    Start with at least £5,000 (up to £10 million, maximum), and make minimum withdrawals of £500.
  • Manage your account by email, post or fax
    Making it easy to operate your account and make withdrawals.
  • No fees or charges
    We won’t charge you a penny for any of our Business Savings accounts.

If you become a member of the Society when you open a Business Savings account with us, we need to let you know about our most recent summary financial statement and auditors' reports. These are published on The summary financial statement shows a summary of our accounts, you can access it by navigating to the 'Summary Financial Statement' page in our Review of the Year. You can also view our Review of the Year and latest full annual report and accounts, which contains our auditors' report, by navigating to our 'Results and Accounts' page and selecting the relevant year.

Summary box

Account name Business Instant Saver - Issue 8 
What is the interest rate? You can choose to have interest paid monthly or annually.
Annual Interest AER/gross p.a. (variable) Monthly Interest AER/gross p.a. (variable)
0.05% 0.05%

Interest is calculated daily, and paid either annually on 31 March or monthly on the first working day of each calendar month.

Interest can be paid into the account, into your Nominated Account or any other Business Saver Account that you have with us. Please see the Business Instant Saver Account Specific Terms. Please see Additional Information below for further information on Nominated Accounts. We also pay interest when you close your account and we add this to the capital value of the account.

Can Nationwide change the interest rate?

Yes, the interest rate is variable. We can increase or decrease the interest rate for any of the reasons set out in the Business Savings general terms and conditions.

Please see section C of the Business Savings General Terms and Conditions for details about why we may change the interest rates and how we will tell you about any rate changes.

What would the estimated balance be after 12 months based on a £10,000 deposit? This shows the balance on an initial deposit of £10,000 over 12 months where interest is either paid annually or monthly into the account.
 Interest rate AER/gross p.a. (variable) Balance at end of 12 months with interest
 Annual 0.05%
 Monthly 0.05% £10,005.00

This projection is provided for illustrative purposes only, it assumes that:

  • Interest is paid into the account.
  • No further deposits or withdrawals are made.
  • There is no change to the interest rate.
How do I open and manage my account?

To open this account you must be a:
a) Privately or publicly owned limited company incorporated in the UK;
b) Charity registered in the UK;
c) Unincorporated body (e.g. Club, Parish Council) based in the UK;
d) UK sole trader/partnership.

  • Have an annual turnover of up to £10 million.
  • Are not listed under our ineligible companies found on our FAQs.

NB. You will need to set up an existing UK based business account as your nominated account. Your nominated account can't be a Nationwide current account. This account must be in the name of your business and able to receive CHAPS payments.

You can open this account:

  • Online by visiting our Business Savings accounts page.
  • By requesting an application to be sent via post or email using the contact details via the above website.
  • You'll need at least £5,000 to open your account.
  • You'll need at least £1 to keep your account open.
  • You can make as many deposits as you want as long as the balance does not exceed £10,000,000.

You can manage your account:

  • By Post, Fax or signed PDF instruction attached to an email.
Can I withdraw money?

Yes, you can withdraw money from your account by post, fax or a signed PDF instruction attached to an email.

The minimum amount you can withdraw is £500.

If we receive your payment instruction by 3pm (working days only) you will receive your funds back into your nominated account that same working day. If we receive your payment instruction after 3pm or when our office is closed, then we'll process it on the next working day.

Please note that if the account balance falls below £5,000, then you won't earn interest until the account returns to the minimum balance of £5,000.

Additional information

If there has been a transaction on your account, you will receive a full statement on the first working day of the next calendar month.

Your Nominated Account
Your nominated account is where we'll send your money to when you make a withdrawal request. Your nominated account must be an existing UK based business account in the name of your business and be able to receive CHAPS payments. Your nominated account can't be a Nationwide current account. Please see sections B of the Business Savings General Terms and Conditions for further details.

Interest rate definitions explained

  • AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate and illustrates what the interest rate would be if interest was paid and compounded once each year.
  • Gross p.a. is the interest rate without tax deducted.

The tax information provided is based on our understanding of current law and HM Revenue & Customs practice, both of which may change.

The interest rate(s) is/are correct as at 07 April 2020 and the other information in the summary box is effective from 28 July 2020.

Download PDF

This summary box sets out the key features of the savings account. For full details, please read the account terms and conditions.

Ready to apply?

Before you apply, please make sure you read the summary box and the Business Savings General Terms and Conditions and Business Instant Saver Account Specific Terms in full and print or save a copy of the PDFs below for future reference.

For more on how to apply, see our ‘Opening an account’ page. You can also use our handy printable checklist.

Before you apply, please tick the boxes below to confirm:

Important documents

Other important information

FSCS - Protecting Your Money

Your eligible deposits with Nationwide Building Society are protected up to a total of £85,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, the UK's deposit guarantee scheme. Any deposits you hold above the limit are unlikely to be covered. See the FSCS guide to how your money is protected for further information or visit